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Digital Citizenship or Just Citizenship?

It has been pretty crazy as school has started so I haven’t blogged much lately. A couple projects that I have been working on, entrepreneurial track and authentic learning, I hope to update in the near future. However, today I am focusing on digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is hard to...

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Formalizing the Action Research Plan

I love the first few lines of the video above from John Spencer – “Teaching is a craft. It is both an art and a science which is why great teachers always experiment and make tons of mistakes” (Spencer, 2017). If you haven’t heard about action research, the video gives...


What the Literature Says

As I continue to explore the benefits of action research, I am reminded to “stand of the shoulders of others.” I endeavored to delve into why action research is needed by diving into the literature concerning entrepreneurial education. We need to examine scholarly research, peer reviewed theories, and current observations...


Action Research – Beginnings

Now that the end of the school year has passed I am ready to dive into some more study and reflection. As I have spent time thinking about the transformation of change, I am continually reminded of the need for tangible results in reference to my innovation plan. I have...


Diving into the Literature

I decided to spend the next few weeks looking at the literature not only for the need for entrepreneurial education but also what has worked for others in implementation. I wanted to focus on the following three questions – what worked, what could have been done better and how can...


Outlining Personal Growth Plans

As we move forward in our discussion of Personal Growth Plans we need to outline our strategy. We want to focus first on the five essential elements of successful professional learning. Duration We know from our discussions in our last post that one hour sit and get workshops alone are...

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From PD to Professional/Personal Learning

We have talked about the need to change our classrooms from teacher-centered to student-centered a lot over the last year on this blog. Making the shift to a constructivist classroom takes a great deal of work. If we want to shift to this culture at our schools, we need to consider how...


Reflecting on Online Learning and Instructional Design

Over the last 5 weeks we have been investigating the instructional design of an online course. As with all my learning as I go through a project I learn about some new things but more importantly I learn more about myself. This past month I have confirmed many of my...


Online Learning as a Graduation Requirement?

The last four weeks have been a great learning experience as I have put together my Schoology course. I have learned several things that I am reflecting on and will hopefully explain in my next post but this week I am considering how this could work for other classes at my... 0


As I keep moving along the pathway of creating my own online course, I thought back to the rise of MOOCs. First let me say I am not designing my course to look anything like the massive online courses I have seen or even dipped my toe into. As I...