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Formalizing the Action Research Plan

I love the first few lines of the video above from John Spencer – “Teaching is a craft. It is both an art and a science which is why great teachers always experiment and make tons of mistakes” (Spencer, 2017). If you haven’t heard about action research, the video gives...


What the Literature Says

As I continue to explore the benefits of action research, I am reminded to “stand of the shoulders of others.” I endeavored to delve into why action research is needed by diving into the literature concerning entrepreneurial education. We need to examine scholarly research, peer reviewed theories, and current observations...


Action Research – Beginnings

Now that the end of the school year has passed I am ready to dive into some more study and reflection. As I have spent time thinking about the transformation of change, I am continually reminded of the need for tangible results in reference to my innovation plan. I have...