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Take Care of Each Other

While we have talked about citizenship vs. digital citizenship and the importance of the nine elements, one of the biggest discussions we have today has to surround bullying and cyberbullying. While much of cyberbullying is becoming more understood, there are still several misconceptions. Hinduja and Patchin define cyberbullying as using...


Navigating Sharing Today

No discussion about digital citizenship can be complete without diving into copyright. I believe copyright discussions are more important today than ever as technology makes violating the creators rights too easy. Often times we as teachers or our students do even think about the fact that we are doing it.... 0

It’s Not about the Device

As I continue to think about citizenship in the digital age, I realize that I believe there is simply citizenship and then digital literacy. While Ribble characterizes digital literacy as one of his nine elements of digital literacy, I belief it is the one that distinguishes itself from simply being...


Digital Citizenship or Just Citizenship?

It has been pretty crazy as school has started so I haven’t blogged much lately. A couple projects that I have been working on, entrepreneurial track and authentic learning, I hope to update in the near future. However, today I am focusing on digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is hard to...