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Reflecting on Online Learning and Instructional Design

Over the last 5 weeks we have been investigating the instructional design of an online course. As with all my learning as I go through a project I learn about some new things but more importantly I learn more about myself. This past month I have confirmed many of my...


Online Learning as a Graduation Requirement?

The last four weeks have been a great learning experience as I have put together my Schoology course. I have learned several things that I am reflecting on and will hopefully explain in my next post but this week I am considering how this could work for other classes at my... 0


As I keep moving along the pathway of creating my own online course, I thought back to the rise of MOOCs. First let me say I am not designing my course to look anything like the massive online courses I have seen or even dipped my toe into. As I...


New Year – New Challenge

So it’s a New Year and time for a New Challenge, right? As I have been doing the last 6 months or so, I plan on tackling a new challenge and sharing my journey here on the blog. This month’s challenge is to construct an online unit. I’m going to...