Entrepreneurial Track Initial Plan

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  1. Cyndy says:

    Very well thought out plan.
    I would be impressed with any student at that age that has a sense of a business plan. Developing a business idea can be daunting. I think the mentors and guest speakers in the first semester will be pivotal in helping sell the student on developing a business plan that makes sense for that student.
    Keeping a list of ‘outside the box’ business ideas would be helpful as well–as the word ‘business’ can pigeon hole one into a certain thought process.

    Developing the website is another great concept and –such a help–for this group. While their exposure is much greater than mine–the ability to learn how to create and learn from that experience will certainly be positive in your students.

    Since the businesses will most likely be viable, would there be room for those students who wanted to support a charity or develop a non profit foundation? Technically those are businesses–but you may attract additional students with that focus. Just a thought.

    Looking forward to watching this growth of your students!

    • jasonmkern says:

      Thanks for your comments. I whole-heartedly agree that we should leave the business plan open for a wide variety of options. We have had a few kids who have created for-profit and non-profit businesses during their times here at Oakridge. I think following one’s passion is an important part of any education so I would not want to limit them to a certain type of business. I have amended the post to reflect this as well.


  2. Jason- I love the idea that students need to be presented more opportunities “to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and do more authentic work”. I agree! I am intrigued and interested to learn more about the entrepreneurial track you’re attempting to implement at your school. Some terms you use are new to me, such as “Upper School”- it’s interesting how different areas and different organizations have different terms. I’m also not familiar with NAIS, so I definitely learned a bit reading your outline.

    When you mention phases, it reminds me of how the new 1st grade Common Core Curriculum was introduced (all at once) vs. how the new 3rd grade curriculum is being introduced (in phases). I think PHASES is a great idea- too much at one time can be overwhelming and cause more problems than solutions.

    I love the idea of creating their own website in their initial entrepreneurial class and then building it through graduation. Your ideas are well thought out and organized in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow. It seems like an excellent plan and it sounds like a class/cohort I would love to be a part of! 🙂

    I’m interested in learning more about years/phases 2-3. How will the students be launching their business? Will the school, or sponsors of this program, be financing the winning idea or project? Will the students have to start their own funding page such as Kickstarter? Will the students have contact with investors via the program, or will they be seeking angel investors? I apologize, I do not know much about this particular field but it sounds like a great idea, and it will definitely motivate the students! You mentioned an external internship, so maybe those businesses will be playing a part in growing these ideas. Talk about an authentic, real-world learning experience! This is it- great job.

    My only suggestion would be to utilize some more text features, such as putting more of the important words or phrases in bold, italics, etc. so that the sentences are broken up a bit and our eyes zone in on the key or “buzz” words. Excellent use of bullet points!

    • jasonmkern says:

      Thanks Angela. Upper School is what we call High School in independent schools so it correlates to grades 9-12. I love your questions about phases 2 and 3. The best part of all of this to me is that is part of what the students will need to figure out during the pre-phase of launching their business. How much will it cost to start the business? How are they going to secure the funds to accomplish the launch? How will they fund the business until it becomes self sustaining? How long will it take until it is self sustaining or they declare it not supported by the market forces? I think determining any of these factors (although I have ideas in my head) for them would defeat the purpose.
      I’ll consider which words or phrases may be best to be highlighted and consider revising the post as well.


  3. Darnesha says:

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  4. Sanne says:

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